About our company...

Offering Companies and individuals the opportunity to upgrade to the ".com" domain of their present domain name.

We perform hours of research and purchase quality .com domain names and then offer them to companies who own the same .net domain name to allow you to up yours to dot com. You can simply forward your new .com domain name to your present .net site so no changes are necessary to your site. Customers will find you easier because .coms domain names are still the preferrred domain name.

Domain Sale Info:

If your domain name purchased is at Enom please go to Enom Central and click on 'Create a FREE Acoount' to open up a free account so I can push the domain to your account. I will need your new account ID to push domain to your Enom account.

If your purchased domain name is at Godaddy, I will need the name, address, email and phone number you would like your domain registered to. You will get an email from Godaddy to complete the domain name transfer.

Thank you!

Upgrade to a .com domain name today!
We also take the risk... Since we purchase the domains on speculation and offer it to companies and individuals for a reasonable fee. Once you pay the fee there are no additional charges or fees from us. However, as all domains go you have to renew your domain name ($15 /year). In addition, we can show you how to forward your new .com domain to your present site without making any changes to your present site! You can start directing traffic via the .com domain name once you complete the transfer. We will help you in any way we can and walk you through the process.

Important Thoughts...

Did you register a domain name and find that the .com was already taken? Here is your chance to get the .com domain name you always wanted!

In real estate, successful people think location, location and location. Why would your Internet domain name (your Internet location) be any different?

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