My Company CEO laughed when I told him that I was going to acquire our .com domain name...

I got a promotion when I pulled it off!

Let me explain, Back in 1995 our company attempted to purchase domain name but it was already taken. We acquired the domain name instead. Ever since, we felt that we have not earned the business brand that we deserve on the Internet. In addition, we used to get emails addressed to us but they accidentally sent them to the email instead of It got to the point where we were wondering if we were ever missing out on orders?

I decided to look into investing in the domain name. I received an email from and they were going to hand over the “.com” domain to my company for a reasonable fee. I was so excited! Once I completed the transfer my CEO was ecstatic and promoted me!

Thank you! Imagine what it would be like to grab your ".com" domain name, too!

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Important Thoughts...

Did you register a domain name and find that the .com was already taken? Here is your chance to get the .com domain name you always wanted!

In real estate, successful people think location, location and location. Why would your Internet domain name (your Internet location) be any different?

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